we Aim and efforts are to provide our customers with products that look the same as the images displaying on our website pages. Hence please keep in mind that colors may vary sometimes, it is slightly difficult showing as exact color as the actual color of a product. We work hard to improve and update our description and images as soon as we become aware of noticeable changes that customer may find unacceptable, we are committed to meet customer’s expectations hence we take into account customer reviews.

Open your E-mail account. If you are using online payment mode You will receive transaction details from PayPal. You will receive a sales receipt after the successful completion of a product.

All returns must be postmarked within ten (10) days of the purchase date. All returned items must be in new and unused condition, with all original tags and labels attached.

If you want to return your product, go to my account open orders section, and click on refund button.

If any popular item is out of stock, we always try our hearts out to restock within 1-2 weeks. Those items which are slower selling, we try to restock within 1-2 months. However, please understand that sometimes a product may not be restocked or may take a long time to restock because of the breakdown relationship with the manufacturer or seller. The manufacturer may have been facing some personal or professional issues etc.

You can ship your order at your home or at the office or wherever you want. We Deliver according to customer Convenience.